Are fruits and veggies okay for kids? Then fruttberry is okay for kids. Just make sure someone a little older helps supervise mixing it up.

Enjoy one fruttberry a day, anytime, to get two and a half of your recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Our mission is not to eliminate natural fruits and vegetables from your diet, but we're making it simpler for busy people to top up their fruit and veggie intake, on the go.

You can use the mixes at your convenience by mixing them with fruit smoothies, yogurts, porridges, plant-based milk, or just water. All blends contain lyophilized products and should not be used above 60 ° C.

fruttberry is the perfect choice to use wherever you go, that's why most flavors work just fine with cold water. However, with water your drink will take on a more juice-like texture. Nothing wrong with juice!

Fruttberry drinks can taste a bit "thin" because they're made from a powder. We found our smoothies taste best chilled. A few ice cubes in your fruttberry shaker will keep your smoothie at the perfect temperature, the ice cubes also help to mix the drink.

If you want a tastier fruttberry drink you can select the amount of liquid according to taste and the preferred drink texture. Plant-based milk and/or protein powder and/or a spoonful of Greek yoghurt will give your drink a creamy, thick texture. Want a sweeter drink? Dilute half the water with your favourite juice, use sweetened plant-based milk or add a teaspoon of agave or maple syrup.

We recommend adding 300 ml of cooled water but the amount of liguid can be selected according to taste and the preferred drink texture. Worth mentioning that water is the healthiest liquid to put in a fruttberry drink. Water is the ideal choice if you're trying to lose weight, as drinking water helps you burn calories and stay hydrated.

You can mix a Fruttberry blend with a protein shake to increase the protein content. You can also add healthy fats like flax seeds, chia seeds.

Fruttberry's pricing varies depending on the quantity you buy and it starts from?2.30 per packet. For example, with shipping it would cost 52,50 Eur for 21-pack. The more you buy, the less expensive each individual packet is.

It has a 180-day shelf life so it can keep. Fruttberry says that each packet should last between 3-6 months from when you receive it. Because we don't use additives, fruttberry may clump. We suggest massaging your packet prior to opening it.

Each fruttberry packet delivers two and a half daily servings of fruits and vegetables and contains 40 % vegetable and 60 % fruit content.

No, fruttberry gives you whole fruits and vegetables. Because of this, the powder may clump. We suggest massaging your packet before opening it.

Yes, all of our blends are 100% plant-based, gluten free and non-GMO.

No, Fruttberry gives you just fruits and vegetables. The sugars you see on the label are sugars that come naturally inside fruits and vegetables. And because you're getting all that whole food fiber, the natural fruit sugars will metabolize more slowly than juiced products.

Fruttberry meets many of those standards like: non-GMO; no artificial colors; no artificial preservatives.

First of all fiber - fruttberry has it while juice strips it out. Secondly, vegetables - fruttberry has more. Thirdly, sugar - fruttberry has less (because of the fiber and veggies).

Fruttberry is safe if you're pregnant or breastfeeding as it only contains fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices. But we recommend consulting your doctor before using them during pregnancy or lactation.

Yes, we send fruttberry products to European Union countries. It just might take a little longer!

There are no allergens among the ingredients in fruttberry blends.

Blends are best stored in a closed package in a dark and cool place. A fridge is perfect for that.

Fruttberry products and some of their ingredients are made in Lithuania. Most of the ingredients are sourced from wholesale food companies in the EU which, with their vast resources, ensures high-quality raw materials.