When was the last time you ate 38 different fruits and vegetables in a week?

Let me guess - you probably do not even remember it yourself. We know it is difficult to eat enough of them, which is why we are introducing Fruttberry. An easier, faster, and tastier way to get the proper amount of fruit and vegetables you need! This is a #ready-to-use product - just add the powder to water, shake well and enjoy! And you can use your imagination and use it however you like - add it to yoghurt, mix it into pastry dough or make a smoothie - the #endlesspossibilities await you!

No added sugar

Additives free

Law in tran fats

100% natural

High in fiber

Easy to prepare

What does science say?

In order to maintain a normal state of health, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends eating at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. A daily intake of 400 grams is considered to be the norm, and ideally, a #balanceof 40% to 60% of vegetables and fruit should be maintained. Just as important as the quantity consumed is the variety.

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This product is a great alternative when you don't have the time to make breakfast in the morning. In just a few steps you have a great and well-balanced vegetable/fruit complex for the day, which is not only healthy but also delicious!


I was looking for ways to consume more fruit and vegetables that I don't particularly like. I liked Fruttberry because it's a convenient, quick, and tasty way to consume my daily fruit and vegetables.


I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, but I never eat so many different ones. I liked it because fruttberry offers a great variety.


I am happy that my child, who only eats green cucumbers, is finally eating and getting vitamins from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.


Even the kids like it. An added plus is that it's convenient to use at work and when travelling (it's perfect for hand luggage on a plane). I'm so happy I discovered it!


I've been interested in healthy eating for years. That's why I was immediately interested in these mixes. It's important for me to have a balanced diet, but at the same time simple - that's what I got! And it's delicious too!


I really liked the Fruttberry cocktail set, as so many different fruits and vegetables could not be consumed by blending my own cocktails. They also taste amazing and are aesthetically very appealing.


Kudos for taste and convenience! It's perfect that the daily portions are ready right away!


frequently asked questions

Fruttberry powder blends are made from fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices. Nothing more. All our mixes are 100% plant-based, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Are fruits and vegetables good for children? Then fruttberry is also suitable for children. Just make sure someone a little older helps whip up the drink. Fruttberry mixes are safe because they contain only fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices. However, we always recommend that you consult your doctor before using them during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Each fruttberry packet delivers two and a half daily servings of fruits and vegetables and contains 40 % vegetable and 60 % fruit content.

You can use the powder blends at your convenience by mixing them with fruit smoothies, yogurts, porridges, plant-based milk or just water. All formulations contain lyophilized products and should not be used above 60°C. Fruttberry is a great choice wherever you go, so most flavors go well with cold water. True, with water, the fruttberry drink will acquire a more juice-like texture.

Fruttberry drinks can taste a bit "thin" because they're made from a powder. We found our smoothies taste best chilled. A few ice cubes in your fruttberry shaker will keep your smoothie at the perfect temperature, the ice cubes also help to mix the drink.

If you want a tastier fruttberry drink you can select the amount of liquid according to taste and the preferred drink texture. Plant-based milk and/or protein powder and/or a spoonful of Greek yoghurt will give your drink a creamy, thick texture. Want a sweeter drink? Dilute half the water with your favourite juice, use sweetened plant-based milk or add a teaspoon of agave or maple syrup.

Designed for your fast-paced rhythm of life!

Today's fast-paced and intense lifestyle does not always allow us to take proper care of a complete and balanced diet. This is where Fruttberry comes to the rescue - in just #30seconds you can prepare mixes with up to 50% of your daily fruit and vegetable intake hidden in a single pack! The #liophilisation process transforms organically grown or found in nature goods into a powder that is easy and tasty to use. You will not find any added sugars or preservatives in Fruttberry mixes - they are 100% natural!

Eat the rainbow!

Fruttberry is the first such product with no analogues in Lithuania and Europe! The powder-based mixes maintain the 40% - 60% fruit and vegetable #balance that is recommended by health experts. Want to feel more energetic? Strengthen your immune system? Or maybe you want to improve your skin? A wide selection of Fruttberry mixes is sure to offer a perfect blend for your needs. Choose one of the 7 colours or eat the whole rainbow! Small and stylish packaging makes them easy to carry with you, so you can enjoy your personal #rainbowinapocket every day 🌈