+healthy month set in the box, 28 pcs


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Mixtures of freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, berries, adoptogens and other ingredients naturally found in nature - for quick absorption of body-strengthening natural vitamins in a monthly package. An excellent choice for those who want to include a wide variety of different fruits, berries, vegetables and adoptogens in their daily diet. Just imagine how many different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body would get if you ate even 38 different ones in a week!

Now in a convenient, magnetic box that will last longer.

- Each serving contains up to 50% of the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables.
- Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
- A lot of fiber, which is important for the digestive system.
- Low in saturated fat. Reducing the consumption of saturated fat helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood.
- A healthy and nutritious snack during the day.
- Easy and convenient to take with you.
- No added sugar, no preservatives, 100% natural composition.

The package contains 28 servings.
Net content: 560 g (28 packets).
+healthy month set in the box, 28 pcs +healthy month set in the box, 28 pcs
Read about the benefits on the page of each mixture separately.

Important: All information provided on the website is advisory in nature. The products offered by fruttberry are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. Always use your own judgment, consider your individual needs and consult your doctor before using or using our advice.

+Digestion: Lyophilized apple*, lyophilized pineapple*, lyophilized kiwi*, lyophilized pea*, wheatgrass*, lyophilized spinach*, lyophilized broccoli*, nettle*, flax seed*, ginger*.

+Brain: Lyophilized apple*, lyophilized blackcurrant*, lyophilized blueberry*, lyophilized sweet potato*, maca root*, lyophilized spinach*, lyophilized broccoli*, lyophilized beetroot*, chia seeds, cinnamon*.

+Beauty: Lyophilized strawberry*, lyophilized pumpkin*, lyophilized black currant*, lyophilized carrot*, lyophilized tomato*, lyophilized blueberry*, lyophilized spinach*, date*, lyophilized acerola berry*.

+Libido: Lyophilized strawberry*, lyophilized apple*, Jerusalem artichoke*, alfalfa*, maca root*, lyophilized kale*, lyophilized blueberry*, lyophilized blackberry*, lyophilized beetroot*, lyophilized spinach*, Ashwagandha root*.

+Immunity: Lyophilized apple*, lyophilized pumpkin*, lyophilized pineapple*, lyophilized carrot*, Jerusalem artichoke*, lyophilized sea buckthorn*, lyophilized rosehip*, lyophilized goji berry*, turmeric*, ginger*, pepper*

+Energy: Lyophilized pumpkin*, lyophilized banana*, lyophilized apple*, maca root*, lyophilized carrot*, lyophilized mango*, lyophilized spinach*, lyophilized beetroot*, lyophilized peach*, lyophilized broccoli*.

+Longevity: Lyophilized pomegranate*, lyophilized plum*, lucuma*, lyophilized sweet potato*, lyophilized raspberry*, lyophilized rhubarb*, lyophilized kale (kale)*, lyophilized spinach*.


To "massage" the contents of the bag so that there are no lumps, shake well with 200/300 ml of cooled water or your favorite herbal drink. It is recommended to add a few ice cubes. Perfect for flavoring cocktails, porridges, yogurt. In order to achieve the declared effect, it is necessary to consume 20 g of the product per day. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Store in a dry and cool place.

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